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What our homeowners have to say about our campsites in France

Over 7500 families own a holiday home in France with Siblu. Take a look at some of our customer reviews and see why they choose Siblu for their holidays in our mobile homes.

We like the atmosphere and live life everyday to full. We didn’t want to compromise by buying a house and then worrying about it.
 John & Elizabeth Cook, Domaine de Kerlann

Pierres Couchees is lovely and quiet, with a beach that goes on for miles and never gets crowded – it feels like our own stretch of coastline.” 
Mr & Mrs Whiting, Les Pierres Couchees

We love it here, we adore the peace and quiet of the countryside and Normandy is beautiful and relaxing. My husband goes hunting for mushrooms and blackberries.” 
Mr and Mrs Rolhion, Domaine de Litteau

We wanted a holiday home where we can immerse ourselves in French culture. The quality of the mobile home accommodation was surprising. In effect, we have a home that is like a small flat, with all the space and facilities we need. Our pitch is huge and overlooks a small fishing lake on the edge of the Cerisy Forest.” 

The Bilham family, Domaine de Litteau

When we first arrived at Domaine de Dugny we knew straightaway that it was the perfect park for our family. There is a lovely warm atmosphere among the owners, the team is friendly and accommodating, the area is beautiful and the facilities are fantastic.”  

The Wanford family, Domaine de Dugny

We’re very family orientated, so we wanted a holiday home where our children could feel included. Les Charmettes has something for everyone, keeping the kids entertained and the adults happy.”  

The Cross family, Les Charmettes

Our life in France offers a total contrast to the UK and is not like being at home at all. We wake up to birds singing and spend our time relaxing and unwinding.”  

The Gutteridge family, La Pignade

La Réserve is such a great location. It’s close to the ocean, Bordeaux and Biarritz; the surrounding area is flat so we can ride our bikes and go on walks, and there are all of the amenities we need. We let our holiday home out via Siblu and the money we earn funds our holidays for the rest of the year.” 

Mr & Mrs  Ron Caldicutt, La Réserve

Time flies out of the window at La Réserve – we’ll start the barbecue at 5pm, and the family will still be there at 10pm. We’ve been totally converted to the holiday park lifestyle – it’s a great way to relax and recharge our batteries.” 

The Gray Family, La Réserve

We have been owners for six years now, and we’d be very happy to stay for another six. La Carabasse is the perfect place for young and old, and offers a lifestyle that can’t be bettered. The park is beautifully maintained, it’s like living in a large Mediterranean garden.” 

The Beck family, La Carabasse

Of course we’re drawn by the weather in the south of France, but I also love the food! Everything, from the choice to the presentation, is so unlike the UK. Le Lac des Rêves is like a den for us, which we use to explore the south coast, even going as far as Spain and the Italian border. Our kids are totally excited when we travel and always find new friends.”  

The Brookes family, Le Lac des Rêves

After exploring France for over twenty years we made an educated choice in choosing Montourey. The climate is an obvious advantage, but don’t forget its accessibility and the standards set by Siblu. It is no accident that the Cote d’Azur has been the premier choice of so many people for so many years – and we can enjoy this for up to ten months every year !

Mr Wilson, Le Montourey

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