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Your mobile home Rapidhome

If Rapidhome have been designing mobile home since 1998 on two production sites in France, it also relies on the power and strength of the Rapido group.  A player on the market of recreational vehicles since 1962 whose luxury motorhomes have been famous, committed to offering you the best innovation, Rapidhome regularly enriches its range with technical improvements and new equipment allowing you to enjoy greater comfort.

Why choose Rapidhome?

  • You opt for a mobile home manufacturer that enjoys the support and expertise of an international group, the recognized expertise on the high end recreational vehicles market.
  • You get the peace of mind by choosing a constructor who brought a voluntarist policy on manufacture traceability, safety and respect for the environment.
  • You give your preference to a mark which has been the quality of construction and finishing one of his trademarks. With, for example, doors widened 11 cm for a real sense of space, the installation of the VMC in parts or laying phonic insulation seals to reduce noise due to the slamming interior doors.
  • You use a manufacturer recognized for the originality and the design of its models with always beautiful interior spaces.
  • You have the opportunity to complete your mobile home with many facilities optional, interiors as exteriors. The image of the terraces covered or uncovered proposed by the mark.

What equipment?

Play map of simplicity with a mobile 'classic' home, have fun with colors trend, will combine well be and simplicity... With Rapidhome everything is possible and it is you who choose the level of equipment that matches your expectations and your budget.

  • VMC
  • Dishwasher 12 covered.
  • Large jumbo 3 drawers with speed bumps.
  • Jumbo drawers.
  • Shutters in bedrooms.
  • Convectors in the rooms and the bathroom.
  • Extractor fan.
  • Double bed on jacks.
  • Electric water heater.
  • Outdoor lighting.
  • Furniture raised.
  • Ceramic shower tray.

What range of mobile home?

Spirit 'Design' for some, 'Authentic' or 'Smart' to others... Rapidhome offers 7 complementary ranges, each declined in different models.

You also have the possibility to choose optional equipment - such as reinforced insulation - but also packs that will allow you to customize your mobile home to your image.

  • The pack "kitchen and living room Lodge" with its hood, his fridge-freezer and its curtains.
  • The "residential sofa" pack.
  • The pack 'Chamber "Alizé".

Mobil home de la gamme Rapidhome


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