What to see and do from Le Mar Estang

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Things to see and do around Le Mar Estang in Languedoc

Activites and places not to miss

Réserve Africaine de Sigean 34 miles away

Situated between Narbonne and Perpignan, this zoo is home to more than 3800 animals. This semi natural reserve places a lot of importance on taking care of its flora and fauna, and is part of the Association of the Friends of the African Sigean Reserve, promoting scientific research, teaching and conservation. You’ll be able to walk or drive around to observe the many varieties of animals like giraffes, ostriches, antelopes and zebras.

  • Carcassonne 65 miles away

    Carcassonne is literally a huge medieval walled city, coloured in pinks and reds, and peppered with 53 big and small towers all around. Within its walls sits a castle and basilica. Its immense structure is pretty impressive to look at from afar and close up, but it looks even better at night when all of the walls are lit up. If you’re arriving during the day, arrive early to avoid the crowds, take a guided tour or simply stroll around the town and immerse yourself in this town steeped in history.

  • Europark de Vias 61 miles away

    During the summer months, the biggest fixed fairground in France offers every type of ride you could think of, with over 80 attractions, for whatever kind of mood you or your kids are in! There are often special reduction rates if you’re looking to maximize on the fun. In the evenings, this funfair also illuminates the sky with fireworks, and stands offer the usual salty snacks, like popcorn and burgers.

  • Béziers 60 miles away

    Beziers has a triple identity – there‘s the sea, the town, and the wineyards, which is reflected in the array of colours you see all around the town - pinks, reds, blues and greens. Beziers is known for its rugby, but the big attraction every August is the Feria, with its huge outdoor parades, dances, and musical performances which will entertain your kids no end. 

  • Narbonne 45 miles away

    What literally stands out in this city is the Saint Just Cathedral, which juts out of the Narbonne cityscape. Don’t miss the pretty market which will give you a taste of all the local flavours. 10 miles away at Narbonne beach you'll find sand stretching on for miles and a marina in the National Park. This beach has been given a Blue Flag certification for its water quality so you can rest assured that it's a safe place for your kids to play. 

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