What to see and do from le Lac des Rêves

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What to see and do from le Lac des Rêves

Beaches nearby

Beaches near Le Lac des Rêves

Just nearby, Carnon is a haven of beauty and tranquility for bathers wanting to top up on their tan. La Grande Motte is ideal for kids to splash around in, with its gentle sloping beaches and supervising lifeguards who are on watch daily. Le Petit & Grand Travers are protected areas of natural beauty where you can discover its pretty dunes and pine forests, while Palavas les Flots is a great spot for strolling along the quays  and enjoying the superb views of the Mediterranean Sea during a meal at the top of Palavas tower.

Distance to beaches:

  • Carnon (6 miles / 11km)
  • La Grande Motte (12 miles / 20km)
  • Palavas les Flots (4 miles / 8km)
  • Petit & Grand Travers (7 miles / 12km)

Activites and places not to miss

Réserve Africaine de Sigean 78 miles away

Situated between Narbonne and Perpignan, this zoo is home to more than 3800 animals. This semi natural reserve places a lot of importance on taking care of its flora and fauna, and is part of the Association of the Friends of the African Sigean Reserve, promoting scientific research, teaching and conservation. You’ll be able to walk or drive around to observe the many varieties of animals like giraffes, ostriches, antelopes and zebras.

  • Nîmes

    This small roman city is chock-full of charming ruins, antique amphitheatres and monuments. After you’ve had a walk around the historic city, you have to go for a picnic in the magnificent gardens, “Les Jardins de la Fontaine”, where roman buildings, bridges, water, fountains and magnificent ancient sculpture collide. For lovers, walk up to the summit of the gardens at the farthest end of the garden. It’s almost like a small city within the garden. 

  • Pont du Gard

    18 miles / 28km north of Nimes, is the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage listed bridge of the Pont du Gard. During the summer months, you really can immerse yourself into nature here, as swimmers plunge into its crystal blue green river to relax, and kayakers float along and take in the great view of the bridge overlooking the waters at the same time. It’s a little corner of paradise here, and everything’s equipped to keep your family safe, with sun-protective rafts and supervised swimming areas.

  • Carcassonne 107 miles away

    Carcassonne is literally a huge medieval walled city, coloured in pinks and reds, and peppered with 53 big and small towers all around. Within its walls sits a castle and basilica. Its immense structure is pretty impressive to look at from afar and close up, but it looks even better at night when all of the walls are lit up. If you’re arriving during the day, arrive early to avoid the crowds, take a guided tour or simply stroll around the town and immerse yourself in this town steeped in history.

  • Hérault Gorges

    Further north of Les Sables du Midi are the Hérault Gorges, which is a wonderful sight to see and experience for couples or families. The deep, narrow gorges are bursting with wild vegetation and this stretch of river offers many excuses for all to take up activities such as kayaking, climbing, canyoning, and more.

  • St-Guilhem-le-Désert

    Soak yourself in the sun in this Mediterranean looking town, dotted with olive groves and cicadas. There’s a medieval side to this village – work your way around the houses snuggled tightly in together in ancient alleyways and arrive at the Abbey of Gellone is at its centre. There’s a reason this place has been rated one of the most beautiful villages in France, and it is also the crossroads for wanderers and pilgrims walking along St James’ Way to Saintiago de Compostela.

  • Montpellier

    Montpellier is a lively, elegant city, known for its rich past, splendid mansions, shops and boulevards. It has a young and vibrant feel, welcoming couples and young families for its variety of activities. Kids will delight at the animal and plant life abundant at the Amazonian greenhouse, like  the piranhas, tamarind monkeys, white faced sakis, huge ceiba trees and waterfalls. To discover the city by bike, there are urbanbike city tours, uncovering XXI century Montpellier, and for something typically French, there are also coffee tours and winetastings in castles.  

  • Sète

    Sète is otherwise called the ‘Little Venice of Languedoc’ – why? Because of the many canals running through it, of which includes the beautiful Canal du Midi, the river symbolic of quaint French countryside and living. The water is where it’s all at here, as there’s also the vast lagoon of Thau to see, home to oyster and mussel beds. Along the river there’s also the funny sight of Les Joutes Nautiques, during the summer months, which involves boat crews jousting with long poles in an attempt to knock each other into the water. 

  • Avignon

    Avignon’s fame lies in its papal power history, which has generously provided for its visitors plenty of excuses to experience the grandeur, splendour and magnificence of its art and architecture. First stop, the Papal Palace, where visitors can see over 20 rooms including the pope’s private chambers and frescoes, all explained with guides, 3D images and reconstitutions. Secondly, have a walk in the gardens and take in the views at Rocher des Doms and pit stop at Les Halles, the food market providing fresh and local produce. Summer time is a great time to be here, as there’s also the performing arts festival, where thousands flock to see the best in theatre, dance, music and the spoken word, for every age.

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