What to see and do from Le Conguel

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What to see and do from Le Conguel in southern Brittany

Activities and places not to miss

Discover Quiberon

  • Compagnie Océane Boat Trips

    Tickets for sale at reception with a special discount for trips to the islands of Houat, Hoëdic and Belle-Ile-En-Mer./ Departures from Port Maria Quiberon 2.5km from Le Conguel village.

  • Entre Ciel et Terres

    Try tandem skydiving at the Quiberon Aerodrome, 200m from Le Conguel

  • Haliotis Plongée

    Diving for all levels from beginners to experienced at Saint Pierre Quiberon, 7km from Le Conguel.

  • Happykiteschool

    Introductions to Standup Paddleboarding or KiteSurfing or excursions for those with more experience. At Port Haliguen, 2km from Le Conguel.

  • Le parc de Branféré

    86km from Le Conguel

  • Presqu’île Surf School

    A unique, unforgettable experience open to anyone over the age of six years old. A friendly atmosphere and qualified instructors./ Saint Pierre Quiberon 7 km from Le Conguel.

  • Quiberon Aventure

    Trails through the trees for all the family with a view over the ocean/ At Bois du Conguel, 200m from Le Conguel.

  • Quiberon Casino

    2km from Le Conguel

  • Quiberon Jet

    Hire Jetskis or tubes/ at Port Haliguen 2km from Le Conguel

  • Sillages

    Sea kayak lessons and tours, a unique way of discovering the Quiberon peninsula/ At Saint Pierre Quiberon, 7 km from Le Conguel

  • The megalithic complex at Carnac

    This is the most famous megalithic complex in the region: it has been listed as a historical monument since 1889 and is known for the incredibly unique alignement of its stones. The two main sites alone (Ménec and Kermario) consist of almost 3000 menhirs spread out over almost 4 kilometers! The presence of menhirs, dolmens, tumulus and other structures bear testimony to the fact that this architecture dates from the neolithic period.  

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