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Holiday Parks near Poitiers

Capital of Poitou Charentes, Poitiers is a thriving, historic-futuristic university town that sits on a promontory between the rivers Clain and Boivre. It’s an utterly charming place to visit on the way to or from the Loire Valley (north of Poitiers) or Charente Maritime (to the south). In turn, this gives you the pick of no less than four nearby Siblu holiday parks – Domaine de Dugny in the Loire Valley; or Les Charmettes, La Pignade and Bonne Anse Plage in Charente Maritime.

The Great Outdoors

Less than a half-hour drive north of Poitiers, you will find the wonderful Parc-St-Cyr. A lakeside beach playground, it has plenty of activities to keep everyone and all ages amused on land or on the water: tennis, mountain bikes, fishing, kayaking or simply relaxing in the sun. To the south, it’s not far either to the glorious beaches of Charente Maritime – offshore from La Rochelle, you can even access the sandy beaches and surfing on offer at Parisians’ favourite, the Ile de Ré. In Poitiers itself, Parc de Blossac is a stunningly spacious green space that’s great for a picnic, but also combines French formal gardens, an English rose garden, streams and bridges, and a small petting zoo.

Things To Do & Special Events

In the heart of Poitiers, there are historical and architectural gems every which way you turn. Notre-Dame-la-Grande is Poitiers’ renowned 11th century church, and in summer, the Polychromies light show spectacularly ‘re-paints’ the church’s external sculptures in their original colours. The Palais de Justice has a 19th century façade that hides a Romanesque hall where the Dukes of Aquitaine held court. Then there’s the Musée Saint-Croix, a first-class museum with paintings by Mondrian and sculptures by Rodin. Looking forward to the future, Futuroscope is arguably the best attraction in and around Poitiers. It’s an augmented reality-style theme park that aims to make the future fun, and it’s the most visited in France after Disneyland. Giant screens, IMAX theatres and 3D / 4D movies will keep you entertained for a day and more.

Local Discoveries & Hidden Gems

From Place du Maréchal Leclerc, which buzzes with outdoor cafes in summertime (and turns into an ice-rink at Christmas), through cobbled streets flanked by centuries-old architecture and half-timbered houses, Poitiers is also a splendid town to stroll around at leisure. Don’t miss Place Charles de Gaulle with its daily covered market (and flea market on Fridays and Saturdays). When it’s time for a pit stop, Poitiers also has the pick of terrific restaurants serving the best French cuisine to satiate even the most demanding foodie. And for entertainment, the Eclats d’Eté offer an eclectic mix of concerts, comedy, theatre and dance by day and by night, throughout the summer.

Places To Go

Take a punt in Marais Poitevin, a scenic network of poplar-lined canals known as France’s ‘Venise verte’ (green Venice) – it’s also a lovely spot to explore by bike, or even on horseback, and is perfectly positioned between Poitiers and La Rochelle.

Poitiers Essentials: historic architectural gems, futuristic Futuroscope, lounging in Parc de Blossac

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