North West France

Experience dramatic history and rugged coastlines

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Campsites in North West France

Take three mild, maritime regions looking out over the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean. Then take three perfectly situated Siblu holiday parks: Domaine de Litteau in Normandy; Domaine de Kerlann in Brittany; and Les Pierres Couchées in Loire Atlantique on the Loire Coast. Et voilà, welcome to North West France! Easily accessible, Normandy and Brittany are familiar spots to visitors from the UK, while Loire Atlantique is more of a hidden gem. Each region provides the ultimate bucket-and-spade experience thanks to a stunning coastline, but, equally, is as surprising as it is varied in terms of landscape, activities and places of interest. Must be time to find out more…

Beaches & The Great Outdoors

The Normandy beaches are synonymous with World War II, yet are poignantly glorious in their own right for paddling and building sandcastles. Brittany has rugged cliffs, golden sand and smugglers’ coves winding their way to Loire Atlantique. There, Blue Flags wait on sandy shores that stretch as far as the eye can see. And wherever adventure takes you, there will be a fun beach or water activity to try. Whether ‘your thing’ is kite surfing, yachting, or rock pooling, you’ll find it here. Inland, verdant rolling hills reveal trekking, cycling and golf opportunities at every turn, and canoeing on the lakes and rivers too.

Things To Do & Special Events

There’s a leisure attraction to meet every whim in this area: zoos (Pont-Scorff, Brittany), aquariums (Océarium, Loire Atlantique; Océanopolis, Brittany), wildlife parks (Alligator Bay in Mont St Michel, Normandy), and fun parks (Ouga Park, Normandy; Bonobo Parc, Brittany). To make your North West France camping holiday especially memorable, there’s also a whole host of fun local festivals and events celebrating Celtic culture and traditions: try Festival de Cornouaille in Quimper (Brittany) for great concerts, parades and demonstrations of all things Breton.

Local Discoveries & Hidden Gems

North West France breathes life into history – from William the Conqueror times in Bayeux to the D-Day landings across Normandy’s beaches. Then there are the remarkable ancient standing stones of Carnac in Brittany. While Loire Atlantique has its ‘gourmet’ salt traditions in the Presqu’île Guérandaise peninsula. For a change of pace, find a seafront bistro up the atmosphere while lunching out on port-fresh prawns, crab, mussels or oysters. And, guaranteed, you will always find a crêperie when you need one, serving sweet and savoury delights washed down with local cider or apple juice, to keep hunger and thirst at bay. 

Places To Go

What a seemingly unlimited choice of quaint fishing ports and rural villages, ripe for people watching! Then there’s Honfleur and Deauville on the Normandy coast for bygone holiday glitz and glamour. Quimper and Vannes in Brittany – diverse while remaining utterly Breton. Or St-Nazaire and Nantes in Loire Atlantique, packed with fascinating maritime attractions – think submarines, ocean liners, and other worldliness at the unforgettable Les Machines de l’île in Nantes. 
Camping in Northern France: familiarity mixed with adventure, it’s a holiday to come back to… 
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