Beautiful natural landscapes for an angling break

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Fishing holidays in France

The calming sounds of lapping water, birds and trees; the evening light dancing on the water’s surface; the patient, meditative waiting… There are few things more peaceful and relaxing than fishing in an area of natural beauty – except perhaps fishing somewhere beautiful while on holiday. 
France has a long and proud fishing tradition and boasts some of Europe’s best fishing spots – both around its Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts and on its tranquil rivers and huge inland lakes. Many of our Siblu campsites in France are perfectly positioned for you to enjoy a perfect angling break.
But before you start loading the car with rods and bait, it’s worth mentioning that fishing in many areas in France requires a fishing licence. You can buy these online but the rules differ between regions and types of fishing, so contact your Siblu holiday park first. We’ll be more than happy to help you arrange things.

Fishing on lakes in France

For many anglers, lake fishing in France means carp fishing. The majority of carp lakes are in the north, with a line of lakes running southward. The carp are plentiful and can be truly enormous. If you’re planning on cooking and eating your catch (you’re in France, after all), you may well need to bring along all your friends and family! 
The two best holiday campsites for lakeside fishing (carp or otherwise) are Le Domaine de Litteau and Le Domaine de Dugny, both of which have on-site ponds. Le Domaine de Litteau is also near to Les Etangs de Planquery, a complex of fishing lakes near the magnificent Château de Ballero.

Fishing in rivers in France

Le Domaine de Dugny has the added bonus of being near to the lovely Loire River. The Loire can be up to half a mile wide, but it frequently becomes much narrower as it makes its way around islands. You can catch large barbell at many spots along the Loire, but if your fishing lets you down, many of the riverside restaurants serve it stuffed for you to enjoy with a glass of wine!

Fishing in the sea in France

Many of our Siblu villages are coastal – perfect for a spot of sea fishing. You can fish from the shoreline or from a boat.  Unlike most other areas in France, you don’t need a licence to sea fish. If you have specific plans, contact Siblu in advance so we can help plan your trip – the season dictates the type of fish to be found. For example, warmer months mean bass and mackerel. 
Our holiday village of La Pignade is one of three to be found in Charente-Maritime and is the closest to the renowned fishing area La Rochelle.  You can catch conger and skate off La Rochelle or you can take a boat out to the nearby islands to catch bass. Nearby is the famous town of Cognac. At the end of a hard day’s fishing, you could head over there for a well-earned drink or two!
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