Famous for its world-class wine and magnificent architecture

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Holiday Parks near Bordeaux

Capital of the Aquitaine region in France’s southwest corner, the city of Bordeaux gracefully lines the Garonne River as it meanders towards the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a wonderful place to visit, renowned, of course, for its winemaking, but also for its UNESCO World Heritage Site status, bike- and pedestrian- friendly centre, near-perfect climate and laid-back lifestyle. It was also voted Europe’s Best Destination in 2015! Thankfully, it also makes a great day-trip from Siblu holiday park, La Réserve. So, let’s go!

The Great Outdoors

Bordeaux is an ideal city to walk around and discover by foot. Everywhere you go you will marvel at grand, 18th century buildings and vast squares lined with café terraces. Even better, you can also cycle, rollerblade or even run along the many specially designed routes throughout the city. Then take a break and picnic on the quays of the Garonne. The Jardin Public is also worth a visit; as well as wide green spaces and scented gardens, there are children’s play areas, a famous puppet show, and several magical merry go-rounds – hard to resist!

Things To Do & Special Events

Make sure you discover Quartier St-Pierre, Bordeaux’s medieval core, and stroll by Flamboyant-Gothic basilica, Basilique St-Michel. And if your feet ache from all the walking, jump on a tram or take a bus tour to appreciate the rest of the city. There are also excellent museums to visit: Musée des Beaux Arts, famous for its Dutch masters; or edgier Musée d’Art Contemporain in Quartier des Chartrons, the old wine merchants’ quarter, which still has a touch of the aristocratic je-ne-sais-quoi about it. And there’s always retail therapy: some consider rue Saint Catherine to be Europe’s longest pedestrianized shopping street! Bordeaux is never short of festivals and cultural events either. Both in June, here are two not to miss: ‘Bordeaux fête le vin’, a biennial wine festival celebrating local appellations through tastings, concerts and fireworks; and Les Epicuriales, a very different kind of culinary festival, with tastings, demonstrations and even a ‘waiters’ race!

Local Discoveries & Hidden Gems

The miroir d’eau at the Place de la Bourse is nothing short of magical, and is the world’s largest reflecting pool, super for splashing about in on a hot summer’s day. Amble along the Marché des Quais – Bordeaux’s Sunday market on the Garonne and a Bordelais institution – the route is also interspersed with skate parks and playgrounds to keep littler ones amused. No trip to Bordeaux could ever be complete without tasting some of its world famous wines, and these can easily be accompanied by the city’s fine cuisine – think French cheeses, delectable oysters, and duck presented in all its many forms. When you’re quite replete, remember to mosey through the city’s streets once again and enjoy Bordeaux sparkling by night.

Places To Go

Visit the charming medieval village of St. Emilion for vineyard tours and tastings, but also discover a surprising underground church and labyrinthine caves. The extraordinary Bay of Arcachon is also nearby – a beautiful beach playground, famous for its sublime oysters.

Bordeaux Holiday Essentials: wine tasting, tram ride, picnic on the quays of the Garonne

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