What to see and do from Domaine de Dugny

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What to see and do from  Domaine de Dugny
in Val de Loire

Activites and places not to miss

Châteaux on the Loire

Château de Chambord is a must-see if you’re looking to visit Loire valley castles. It is a fine example of French elegance and Italian Renaissance drama, and is one of the largest and most recognizable chateau in the world. A monument to splendor and God, this chateau will certainly elevate your senses when you visit. 

Château de Chenonceau should also be on your to-do list, as one of the most visited and unusual chateau in France. This chateau literally bridges water and land, and is home to a fine collection of world-class art. Just nearby, you won’t miss Chaumont castle, an aesthetic mix of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, and proves an entertaining family visit during its yearly summer International Garden Festival.

  • Chateaux of the Loire in miniature

    Take a express tour of 44 castles in the Loire valley with a miniature castle walk. This 1 mile / 1.5 km stroll is dotted with pretty bonsai trees, figurines and miniature railways, which will go down a treat with your little ones. 

  • Pagode de Chanteloup

    The Pagode de Chanteloup is a remarkable 18th century tower, and the remains of a larger chateau belonging to the duc de Choiseul. Climb up 44 metres of steps and admire superb panoramic views of the Amboise Forest and the Loire Valley. It is such a relaxing day out for families, as it surrounds a large, peaceful lake for boating, and a Chinese garden if you want to zone out.

  • Zoo Parc de Beauval

    This zoo will be sure to get your kids excited – the Beauval park boasts a large diversity of almost 6000 animals, including two pandas found nowhere else in France! You’ll really get into the midst of the action here during birdshows, when 200 birds including storks, pelicans, cranes and the like flap and fly around the audience. 

  • Disneyland

    Whether en route to or leaving Dugny, get swept away by the magic and enchantment of this world-famous theme park resort, where Disney films really do become a reality. For children and big kids alike, Disneyland is a wonderland of excitement and thrills, where you can go on rides such as SpaceMountain, which takes you through the deep, dark corners of outer space. With the Walt Disney Studios Park onsite too, you’ll be able to go behind the scenes to find out exactly how some  of Disney’s most magical scenes were created. 

  • Hot Air Balloon Trips

    Feel like you’re almost floating on the clouds in a hot air balloon… There’s no better way to experience the Loire Valley and the monumental chateaux around than this, with limitless views and complete tranquility. If you’re looking to treat a loved one or float up in a small group, a hot air balloon trip is the ideal choice that’ll really be the highight of your holiday.

  • Blois, The Home of Magic

    The royal Chateau of Blois is a real jewel in the heart of this historic town, and is an outstanding example of the architecture and history of the Loire Valley castles. It was the home of 7 kings and 10 queens of France, so it’s no surprise that you’ll be overcome by the sheer opulence and grandeur of the tapestries, art, and decorations adorning the place. For adults and children, you’ll be taken in by the detailed story told by guides and the evening illuminations projected onto the chateau itself. Just opposite the castle, kids can enter into magic and intrigue in the House of Magic, which lets you in on the secrets of the most famous illusions. Little ones will enjoy playing the optical games and solving mindbending magic tricks.

  • Touraine, the Garden of France

    The most famous garden in France is arguably that of Villandry in Touraine. The famous decorative vegetable vista is always evolving throughout the seasons, and the ponds and fountains are dreamlike. You’ll simply fall in love with the ornamental area, which is embellished with box-trees, tulips and annuals. Touraine also boasts a huge variety of sparkling, still, dry, semi dry, sweet, tannic, or fruity wines, which will give beginners and connoisseurs an authentic taste of the region during wine tours and taste testings.

  • Amboise Château

    Just a 25 minute drive away from our campsite Le Domaine de Dugny, is Amboise and it's château. Once home to many an important historical figure, from Clovis, the first king of the Francs, to Leonardo da Vinci and Anne Boleyn, it is a fascinating place to visit.

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