What to see and do from De Oase

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What to see and do from De Oase

Activities and places not to miss

The Zeeland Region

Famous for its stunning beaches, beautiful nature, rich history and delicious seafood, the coastal province of Zeeland in the Netherlands makes the perfect spot for a relaxing beachside family holiday.


  • North Sea coastline

  • Watersports

  • Horse riding

  • Zierikzee City

     Explore the monuments, markets and medieval streets of this historic port city. 

  • Middelburg

     This historic and scenic city is the capital of the Zeeland province. Well worth a day trip! 

  • Brouwersdam Marina

  • Deltapark Neeltje Jans Theme Park

    No stay in Zeeland would be complete without a visit to Detapark Neeltje Jans: a unique theme park which stands in the middle of the largest flood protection system in the world. Learn more about this impressive feat of engineering while also enjoying water-themed fun.


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